Dewalt DCCS620B Overview

The DCCS620B model is a Dewalt 20V chainsaw bare tool meaning it comes with no battery.

This option is ideal when you already have a number of other 20V Dewalt tools that have batteries since the batteries are interchangeable. Or the Dewalt DCCS620B option is also ideal when you want higher amperage than the one that comes with the DCCS620P1 model option.

The Dewalt DCCS620P1 20V Max 5Ah Lithium Ion Battery comes with a rating of 5.0AH and at times you want higher rating like 9.0AH. A higher amperage rating means the battery chainsaw can run longer.

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Dewalt Chainsaw DCCS620B Quick Features

The Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw is a very handy powertool. Firstly it is gas-free which means you will not have the cold starts, fumes, carburetor issues, and maintenance involved with gas-powered chainsaws. Here is a list of quick features about this 20V cordless chainsaw.

  • Low kick back 12 in. Oregon bar and chain for construction and outdoor cutting applications
  • Compact, lightweight design (9 lbs. with battery) for maximum user control
  • High-efficiency brushless motor maximizes runtime and motor life
  • Up to 90 cuts per charge on 4×4 pressure treated wood (using a 20V MAX* 5Ah battery)
  • Tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force
  • Part of the 20V MAX* system of tools
  • Bare Tool: Battery and charger not included

Dewalt 20 Volt Chainsaw Review Video

Below is a demonstration of the power of this Dewalt 12 Inch 20V chainsaw.

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Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Reviews

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Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Parts And Accessories

To get the most out of the Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max Compact 12 Cordless Brushless Chainsaw you can maintain it at its maximum performing condition by buying parts and accessories. You can have a spare chain, file and oil it regularly. Since this one does not come with a battery you can use batteries from other Dewalt cordless tools or buy a battery with a higher rating for longer running times.

Dewalt 20V Chainsaw Chain

DCCS620B Chain

If you are looking for a DCCS620B chain, the Oregon 90PX045G Chamfer Chisel w/BDL Chain. w/BDL simply means Bumper Drive Link. BDL is a special feature to reduce kickback of the chainsaw as you use it.

The Oregon 90PX045G chainsaw chain is 12 inches in length which means it is a perfect fit for this 12 inch 20V chainsaw. As is normal after prolonged use you might need to sharpen it.

Chainsaw Chain Blade File

A file size 5/32 would be the best file for sharpening chainsaw chain for the DCCS620. One option is the Oregon 38278 4.5 mm Chain Saw Sharpening Kit.

This is basic kit for hand maintenance of chain and bars comes with 1x assembled file frame, 2x wooden file handles, 1x round file, 1x flat file and 1x .025″ drop-center depth gauge tool.

Chainsaw Oil
Like sharpening, a chainsaw needs to be oiled and what is good about cordless chainsaws is that they come with auto oiling systems.

cordless chainsaw oil

An auto oiling system will require you to fill the oil reservoir of the chainsaw chamber and automatic oiling will take over. Oregon 54-059 1 Gallon Chain Saw Bar & Chain Oil is one of the many chainsaw oils that you can buy to oil the Dewalt 20V chainsaw.

Dewalt DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit – Battery And Charger

Dewalt DCB609-2 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 9Ah Battery
Dewalt DCB118 20V MAX FLEXVOLT Fast Charger

Other Dewalt Cordless Chainsaws

Dewalt DCCS620P1 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit With Brushless Motor

The Dewalt DCCS620P1 is a Dewalt DCCS620 model that comes with a battery. The battery it comes with has a rating of 5.0AH which is adequate for use. However, you might need to use it longer especially when you are in construction and the above 9.0AH battery might be the next option.

If you prefer a higher rating buy the Dewalt DCCS620 chainsaw that bears a “B” at the end i.e. DCCS620B otherwise the DCCS620P1 will do.

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